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Together with you, we develop energy efficiency measures for your building or your business.
This way you can save costs and contribute to climate protection at the same time!


ECOS is a consulting and project development company with 30 years of experience from Osnabrück. Our basis is well-founded knowledge, many years of experience, our well-maintained network as well as a powerful and competent team. We focus on environmental and plant engineering, renewable energies, and resource and energy efficiency.

Peter Beck

Certified energy consultant and energy efficiency expert as well as project manager in the fields of engineering and energy consulting at ECOS.

Peter Beck is an energy efficiency expert and project manager in the fields of technology and energy consulting at ECOS Consult in Osnabrück. He is a certified energy consultant according to BAFA and KfW for residential and non-residential buildings (energy consulting according to DIN 18599), for energy-efficient construction and renovation of residential buildings (KfW) as well as an energy efficiency expert of the German Energy Agency (dena).

In addition to his technical expertise, he has special knowledge in the field of energy and environmental technology. For 30 years, the graduate engineer has been active in management consulting and project planning with a focus on renewable energies, energy efficiency and combined heat and power generation.

  • Preparation of energy surveys, studies and reports
  • Providing professional and practical advice to our customers on all energy and subsidy issues.
  • German-Japanese Smart Community Project in Speyer on behalf of a Japanese company
  • Management of German-Dutch projects (funded by EUREGIO) such as the “Micro-CHP New Opportunities for the Craft Sector” (since 2010) and “Decentralized Biomass Energy Utilization with New Technologies”.

Rolf Fobker

Project manager in the field of environmental technologies at ECOS Consult.

From 1982, he studied metal-organic chemistry at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster and graduated as a chemist in 1988, receiving his doctorate in the subject in 1991. After teaching mechanical engineering in the chemistry department of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences until 1995, Rolf Fobker completed training as a company environmental protection officer at the Environmental Academy Fresenius, Dortmund, in 1996.

His focus at ECOS Consult is on environmental technology, renewable energies, recycling, product and production integrated environmental protection, eco-profit as well as automotive supply industry and IT.

  • Cooperation with companies and institutes
  • Conducting studies and reports for companies, institutes and associations. Especially in the fields of environmental technologies, energy, battery technology, e-mobility, recycling
  • Planning and organization of seminars and information trips
  • Planning, organization and implementation of PIUS conferences (Product and Production Integrated Environmental Protection, 2001-2007)

As a company with a focus on the environment and energy, we also strive for sustainability ourselves! Our headquarters, the Centrum für Umwelt und Technologie (C.U.T.), is the competence center for companies in the field of environmental protection and resource conservation in Osnabrück. It is equipped with solar panels, green roof and rainwater harvesting. If possible, we always travel to the office by public transport and bicycle. We also almost always use the train for business trips within Germany. We have reduced paper consumption in our office to a minimum.


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